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Soap Crafting Links
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Tibetan Culture & Buddhist Links

Piers Anthony ~ The Official Homepage of Piers Anthony and Xanth
Best Book Trailers ~ Devoted to the collection and organization of book trailers from across web.
Book Gorilla ~ Get deep discounts on premium bestsellers and free Kindle ebooks.
Buck Books ~ Save money on books and earn money as a Buck Books Affiliate!

Clarissa Draper ~ Listening to the voices... blog, author of The Sholes Key
NEW! Clean Romance Books
~ This website is dedicated to featuring clean romance novels and novellas.
Fill the Shelves ~ 
Fill school libraries with books -- so kids can dream! 
Joe Hill ~ Author of Heart-Shaped Box, Horns, & a collection of short stories, 20th Century Ghosts.
Stephen King ~ Prolific author of The Dark Tower SeriesThe StandThe Shining & many more...
Dori Lavelle ~ Author of the Moments in Time Series 
Read ~ Free and discounted Kindle eBooks.
Silver's Reviews ~ Book reviews and giveaways. 
Glynis Smy ~ Writes historical romance/suspense, author of Ripper, My Love
Juliette Sobanet ~ Writes sassy, fun women's fiction, author of Sleeping with Paris.
Paul Theroux ~Travel and fiction writer. 
Toots Book Reviews ~ Book reviews and giveays. 
Clarissa Wild ~ Erotic romance writer Clarissa Wild shares her titillating stories & thoughts!

Blueberry Craft and Hobby Time Lots of crafts ideas and tutorials. 
Ceramics at Home ~ FREE ceramics crafting guide 
Crafters Catalogs ~ The Virtual Craft Show, online since May 1998. Come browse our booths of quality crafts, craft bookstore, show listings, suppliers, and more. 
Crafts from the Closet ~ FREE PDF download for the eBook CRAFTS FROM THE CLOSET. 
Craftster ~ An online community where people share hip, off-beat, crafty diy (do it yourself) projects.  
Cut Out + Keep ~ The online community for making and sharing step-by-step craft tutorials.
Knits & Bits by Linda ~ Hand knit, hand crochet and fabric items.
Little Dresses for Africa ~ 99-year-old Lillian Weber is making dresses for little girls in Africa. Donations are appreciated!
Silk Wedding Florals by Linda ~ Creative custom designs for the entire bridal party. 

Amalia's Log ~ A suppliers list of companies making and selling Cosmetic bases, raw ingredients, essential oils, and perfume making supplies and ingredients.
The Craft Lab ~ Luxury natural skin care and ingredients. 
Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen ~ Buy soap, learn to make soap, free beauty & craft recipes. 
Saponify Handmade Soap ~ High quality handmade soap. Custom orders welcome. 
Soap Deli News ~ DIY soapmaking resources + recipes, and bath + beauty recipes. 
Soap Making Forum ~ A message board for the crafty do-it-yourselfers making homemade soaps, candles and other bath & body products.
SOAP-phisticated LADY ~ This website is for those who want to learn more about melt and pour soap. 
Traditional Soapmaking ~ Articles and links to traditional cold process soapmaking.


Exotic Nutrition ~ Basic information pages on specific Squirrel species. General habitats and reproduction behaviors in the wild.
Grey ~ We're as native as you. Help save England's grey squirrels.
Nuts About Squirrels ~ The best squirrel news, pictures and information that we can find.
Scary Squirrel World ~ "We stand for no Skwerl"
The Squirrel Board ~ A meeting place for squirrel lovers. LOTS of helpful information, squirrel photos and many, many squirrel-friends! ~ The Squirrel Place - online since 1995.
Sugar Bush Squirrel ~ The world's most photographed supermodel squirrel.

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